Sean's Emergency Visit

May 20, 2004 @ 3:59 P.M.

On the way to see doctor Martinez - Sean screamed and cried because of the pain in both ears.  It had come on very quickly. As he stepped out of the school bus, he started showing signs of discomfort by tugging on his right ear, and quietly saying "boo-boo."  He also had a temperature.  We immediately called Doctor Martinez.  On the way to the doctor's office, Sean starting screaming in pain, and was now holding his hands to both ears.


Upon seeing Sean in pain, the doctor immediately gave Sean something to ease the pain and bring down his temperature.  Within a short time, Dr. Martinez returned, and administered an oral antibiotic to help rid Sean of his ear infection.


On the way out, we passed by Maria, Doctor Martinez' medical assistant.  Sean looks tired, but was starting to feel better, and was no longer screaming from pain.


Belkis is at the front desk, and offers mom a pen.  Belkis is the fist one you see on the way in, and the last one you see on the way out. 


This is Sean on the way home, at 4:59 P.M,, EXACTLY one hour after the first picture was taken.